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by Medusa


Sea fun could turn out dangerous (6)
Tokens for Telegraphs, say (7)
Wisdom of having long week arranged with extra day (9)
10 It raised the church's revenue (5)
11 In some trouble underground (5)
12 Explain meaning of tree-print design (9)
13 The line to take to beat the fellow (7)
15 Someone to call when caught in an opening (6)
16 Monk sets nothing on decoration and personal adornment (6)
18 Opposed to a profit - good man! (7)
21 Don's a rogue experimenting with mice to get the point (9)
22 Dug up some tough cotton cloth (5)
24 A follower takes a journey by horse, accompanied by the groom (5)
25 Boil semi-precious stone (9)
26 Having been ill with seizure, get sick pay maybe (7)
27 Spirit shown by a woman (6)


Met punk, perhaps, looking rough (7)
He should always be prepared to reconnoitre (5)
Do the best one can but trip up (4,4,7)
Descent traced from sweet Otto perhaps (7)
Fall into disrepair the result of radar conking out (2,2,4,3,4)
Nora often disguised as the P.M. (9)
Seat is prepared for a nap (6)
One who has gone to pot, maybe (6)
14 Telling the story of a bishop in the country (9)
17 One restores good order at a high personal level (7)
18 Take in with the eye of a sailor (6)
19 Colour for painter - one with fiery disposition (7)
20 Bob, a B.A., chopped up African tree (6)
23 Pearl's mother in a credible outfit (5)

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