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Cryptic Crossword No. 9
by Medusa


Aware of differences between status of groups of pupils (5-9)
10 Chap beginning mid-morning at church from now on (5)
11 Art genius baffled about what to put on the bottom of his picture? (9)
12 Book natural beauty spot, say (7)
13 Thin stuff a Welshman ate up (7)
14 Reportedly remained dignified (5)
16 Coordinated grandiose reform (9)
19 Handling patiently? (9)
20 To save up is difficult with nothing coming in (5)
22 Craftsmen from Welsh church officers (7)
25 Emerging sodium smell (7)
27 Thanks to Mark for sheltering a small bird you hear (9)
28 Scoundrel's almost Irish lilt (5)
29 Long rambling joke about Old English Sheepdog (6,3,5)


Catches cloak on scenery (9)
Lance reveals his talents in Shakespeare (5)
Cook cereals so et voila! - stew (9)
Darkness almost here on time (5)
Tease a bit more and get the bird (9)
The germ of tomorrow's plant (5)
Flight attendant had to take another card from bridge-player Eliot back (7)
All together now, sing the catchy bit (6)
15 Being uncertain about hiring Ted (9)
17 First Bible suitable for movable type? (9)
18 Get ones own back in the Senior Common Room on person searching through the bins (9)
19 City person providing empty talk but lots of energy (4,3)
21 Suited quite different responsibilities (6)
23 Beast of burden showing all a marvellous attitude to work (5)
24 Quads form a team (5)
26 Move stiffly? Get support (5)

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