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GK Crossword No. 24 (DT)
by Medusa


Song written by Irving Berlin and sung by Bing Crosby in the film Holiday Inn (5,9)
10 In Greek mythology, the son of Priam whose abduction of Helen started the Trojan War (5)
11 King who led the Greeks against Troy (9)
12 Accompaniment above and harmonising with the main melody (7)
13 Motor car with a rigid roof (7)
14 The Second ---, Germany 1871-1918 (5)
16 Computer programmes which are copyright but buyers can copy them and give them to others (9)
19 1924 novel about the French Foreign Legion by P. C. Wren (4,5)
20 Greek god of the woodlands represented by the Romans as part goat (5)
22 Scottish king 1040-57 (7)
25 Skittle (7)
27 One who writes or delivers the last section of a book, play, etc. (9)
28 Count ---, American pianist and bandleader (5)
29 Extensive plateau in Southern England which is the site of Stonehenge (9,5)


Japanese city where the first atomic bomb was dropped on the 6th of August 1945 (9)
Opera by Puccini (5)
Nineteenth century campaigners for the extension of political power to the working classes (9)
Part of a stream between bends (5)
Kent town situated at the confluence of the Medway and the Thames (9)
Claude ---, French painter born in 1840 (5)
The junction between two neurons or between a neuron and a muscle (7)
A frying pan with feet (6)
15 French Calvinists of the 16th or 17th centuries (9)
17 Biscuit flavoured with caraway seed (9)
18 Starters (Italian) (9)
19 Car shock absorbers (7)
21 Curdled milk used for making junket (6)
23 An attack of shivering with chattering teeth, pale skin and a sensation of coldness (5)
24 Japanese poem in three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables developed in the 17th century (5)
26 Alfred ---, Swedish explosives expert after whom element 102 is named (5)


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