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CROSSWORD BOOKSHOP white-bg-iaw-logo-110x40.gif (1641 bytes) See my selection of crossword -related books and buy them

Compiler.jpg (17401 bytes) Crossword Compiler - simply the best for compiling crosswords! It has an enormous data base of words and terrific facilities. Even a non-techie like me can use it. All crosswords on this site are produced using Crossword Compiler.


thinks-global.gif (2558 bytes)Thinks-global - Has daily crossword puzzles and also gives information on how to get puzzles to add to your website

genius.gif (10401 bytes)Crossword Maestro - a program to solve crosswords and crossword clues. My cryptic crosswords have been run through the program such that it only inks in the answers if it is 90%+ sure the answer is right. Very often it has many more correct answers at the top of its list of possible answers and you will be able to ink them in.It has an enormous data base and even explains the answers. A remarkable program.

across.gif (2188 bytes) Across Lite - a program for solving crosswords online. You can also save the crossword to a file and solve it later. It is free to download. Many American crossword sites use it.




crossdown.gif (8063 bytes) Crossdown - solving and compilation program


home.gif (2340 bytes) Mining company crossword page - a sort of crosswords bulletin site with all sorts of links

logo_sm.gif (2054 bytes) Contest Hound - Links to lots of on-line crossword sites and other competitions

masthead.gif (7745 bytes) The Electronic Telegraph - free access to the newspaper and its decent crosswords. All you have to do is register

stimasthead.gif (2957 bytes) The Times/Sunday Times - free access to the newspaper(s) and the crosswords. All you have to do is register.

guardlogo.gif (1664 bytes)The Guardian - free access to the newspaper and the crossword. All you have to do is register


source.jpg (6811 bytes)The Source - a site which publishes answers to many UK competitions including crosswords. Also gives answers to enquiries submitted by e-mail

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Celtic Football Club - basketball fans abstain unless you want to know about a team called Celtic since before basketball was invented.


For crossword fans the only news group is rec.puzzles.crosswords

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